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143 days left to save Asgardia?

Is Asgardia Running out of time?
Asgardia, Finance, Mounting Issues
Decree 15 could put Asgardia under serious strain.

Update 07/02/2018 17:57: As Rebekah Berg points out, there are some funds being held in trust that are made up of the donations of the loyal and generous Asgardian citizens that will be used to fund the operations of the nations until the end of the year, in addition to this – some plans are underway for the development of an “Asgardia Business Center, new Community Portal, new legislation being set so the first bank of Asgardia can be formed, SOLAR/LUNAR up and running

But the question remains — are all these plans going to be converted into realities before the nation needs to be self sufficient. How long will it take to implement all this when classically, Asgardia has been “Slow and steady.” in it’s progress.

I had been expecting Decree 14 and Decree 15 for some time and I had been expecting them to include information regarding finances and budgets. Afterall, the Nation’s Parliament was being formed and it wouldn’t be too long until we would need to be reading budget proposald and voting on how the money was going to be spent.

So when I saw Decree 15 – I was shocked at the contents of the decree.

A Screenshot of Decree 15
You can view the full decree HERE

The founder of the project, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli had announced in his decree that by the 1st of July 2018, he would stop funding everything with the exception of the General Affairs Department and the Supreme Space council and that he was going to cease all personal financial participation (beyond that expected of all Asgardian citizens) by the end of 2018.

But this is Igor’s personal money! Of course he should stop investing! He has done everything himself!


Wrong. By stopping funding on this date, it puts us in an incredibly difficult position. This gives us 143 days (as of the time of writing) to try and come up with a solution to the problem and ideally, 140~ days would be enough time to plan, scrutinise and implement an emergency procedure to help boost the nations economy — but here’s the problem:

We do not have:

  • Any laws or legislation in place for anything.
  • No financial institutions (Banks etc.)
  • No Ministry for the govenance of finance
  • No currency.
  • No Vehicle to generate an income (tax, exports, investments.)
  • No courts to handle disputes.
  • No idea of our current financial strength.

And it will take more than a few months to solve all these things to a satisfactory level. Igor Ashurbeyli says that we are creating a ‘full-fledged, real, independent space nation, not a project of a specific person.’

But the fact of the matter is, Igor is the one that started this project and he’s the one with the means and the responsibility as the head of the nation to ensure it suceeds.

The decision to cease funding before the nation has had any chance to actually make some necessary progress shows a lack of forethought into the future of the nation and the current state of the nation.

The result of this decree could be that Asgardia does not have the means to hire a parliament, pay for legal expertice, pay people to focus on building the nation. It could mean that the wind goes out of our sails completely and Asgardia is simply left in the dust.


“Of course, it’s not all down to Dr. Ashurbeyli.”

It’s time for the citizens to get to work

Of course, it’s not all down to Dr. Ashurbeyli. I don’t want people to read this blog and think “He just wants Igor to pay for everything.” That’s not the case at all.

I fully agree that Asgardia needs to become a self-sufficient entity that’s capable of making money, making decisions and representing the will of the people, not just a singular individual.

I have, in the past, written blogs on the viability of crowd-funding and while I abore the decision to simply cease funding the project at such a critical time, I look now to the people of Asgardia who say that they believe in this nation.

There is, of course, always the danger of sounding like a cultist when this mode of speech is used, but those that really believe in the future of Asgardia should be the ones standing up to ensure that it has a future. There is no doubt that this problem is looming, but we have 140~ days to think of a solution, to start saving up our money and getting ready to donate and crowd fund the nation.

Maybe it’s time to bring back my Asgardian Development Society!
Photograph by Ross Cheeseright

And where is parliament in all this?

Those people that have told us that they want to run the nation. Those people that have told us that they believe and that they can represent us — where are they?

What plans do they have in place to address this mounting crisis?

It strikes me as odd that at such a critical time there is a deafening silence coming from the people that are old enough to represent our nation. The people that are going to be voting and proposing on the budgets. It’s about time we hear from you and what your plans are to solve this issue.

How is Asgardia going to make money? How are you going to be paid? How are we going to fund our research projects? How will we fund education and all the other wonderful things that people fawned over in the early days of the project?

HoN Ashurbeyli will cease funding in:








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Currently, Ross Cheeseright is a member of Asgardia's "Administrative" chapter working on internal communications and new acquisitions and is studying for a degree in Software Engineering. Ross has a passion for nation building and virtual reality and hopes to help solve the problems facing the formation of new 'decentralised micronations' like Asgardia. If you like what Ross is doing and would like to support him, why not consider backing him.


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