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Month: November 2018

Roundup with Ross Hello again my fellow Asgardians. It’s been another awesome few weeks since the last post (and yes, I did say that I would do it weekly but let’s all agree to retcon that.) Bit of a longer post this time round, but I’ll post up a more streamlined summary piece soon. What’s Asgardia currently doing? I’ve been seeing a lot of comments and questions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram wondering what’s going on in Asgardia and I wanted to take a little time out to discuss what we’re up to. Most people reading this blog will come from an established nation – They will be used to a certain level or order. A status-quo with their Government where they have rules, laws, civil services, taxes and so on – And it’s likely been this way since birth. So, it’s easy to understand why people may well take these things for granted. These nations, in most cases, have spend hundreds of years to get where they are – some nations will have had thousands of years – But in our case, we’ve just been running for just over two years. We need to build everything from Scratch! Our laws, our services, our infrastructure, our Government. The order in which this is done is very important – Because we need to establish strong foundations that the nation will...

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