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Asgardia, Virtual Reality and Coding. What does it all have in common?

My way of reaching the stars.
AUGUST, 2017
Asgardia Virtual Reality Code
What does it all have in common? Well – the simple answer to that is “Me.”

This blog is a place for me to talk about the various efforts that I am taking in my life to pursue various passions of mine which I will outline later in the article, but in a brief executive summary – I am fascinated by the potential applications of virtual reality and the impact that it could have. I am studying to be a software engineer and finally, I’m a member of Asgardia, the first space nation and I seek to help develop this community and bring my growing technical knowledge along for the ride.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my findings, projects and writing about anything that I find particularly pertinant to the topic.

A lot of things out there worth taking a look at, don’t you think?
Photograph via Unsplash

Now, I imagine that most of you have heard about coding and virtual reality, but I’ll bet that far less of you have heard about Asgardia, so it’s probably a good idea to start by talking about the first Space Nation. Asgardia is an incredibly ambitious project founded by eminent russian scientist, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli. Over the course of the blog, I will be going into a lot more detail on this, but in brief it’s a project that aims to build a community of people up around three principle ideals.

  1. Philosophical
  2. Legal
  3. Scientific / Technological


Simply put, the philosophy behind the project’s concept is that Asgardia will serve all humanity, regardless of ‘earthly divides’ such as race, geographic location or religion. Asgardia seeks to become a fully independent nation with all that entails, including membership to the United Nations, a government and foreign embassies.


Asgardia seeks to be instrumental in the creation of a new legal platform ‘Universal Space Law’ that deals with exploration of near earth and deep space. Today, only about 20 of the 200 nations on earth have any form of space presence and have plans to explore, mine and claim exclusive rights in space. Asgardia seeks to be a force that will help protect individuals and countries from the threats of space, and to help ensure they too can benefit from the bounties that space has to offer.

Scientific / Technological

Asgardia seeks to use Science and Technology to provide solutions to three core goals. Peace, Access and Protection. Asgardia seeks to really rally the scientific community from all nations, especially those that don’t have access to space, to ensure that they can benefit from a truly demilitarised and central base of knowledge in space. Now trust me, I know that it is a lot to take in, but at the core this community wants to help humanity to become a borderless space-faring people. What’s not to like about that?

“I am fascinated by the potential applications of virtual reality and the impact that it could have.”

So now that we’ve discussed the basics of the space nation, let me tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Ross and I’m currently studying Software Engineering at Southampton Solent University and my goal is to learn to use code and computers to solve various problems that people might have.

Presently, I am a second-year student, so I have a lot to learn and if you follow this blog, you’ll get to see my progress as I evolve and create new and amazing solutions to some of Asgardia’s problems.

As we look to the stars, there are a lot of issues that we will need to address, especially if we want to create robotic defence platforms that are powered by AI.

Imagine what it would be like to walk on the moon…
Photograph via Unsplash

Virtual Reality recently had it’s ‘year one’ in 2016. Sure it’s been around for decades, but 2016 was the year that people really started to take it seriously. Facebook decided to wade in and fork out $3billion and that’s when people said “Okay, Virtual Reality is go!”

I’ve always had a fascination with Virtual Reality, especially having read books such as “Ready Player One.” and growing up watching Star Trek and just imagining all the possibilities of a ‘holo-deck’ but it wasn’t until I started researching virtual reality for a project at university that I really opened my eyes to some of the real applications of the technology.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use this Virtual Reality to help communities all over the world come together and remove those borders. To provide a place where people can meet up, share ideas, learn, train and generally socialise.

This technology seems perfect for Asgardia and I will be writing about it at length. So that about covers the introduction to this blog if it seems like it might cover anything you’re interested in, why not consider subscribing or following the facebook group.

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Currently, Ross Cheeseright is a member of Asgardia's "Administrative" chapter working on internal communications and new acquisitions and is studying for a degree in Software Engineering. Ross has a passion for nation building and virtual reality and hopes to help solve the problems facing the formation of new 'decentralised micronations' like Asgardia. If you like what Ross is doing and would like to support him, why not consider backing him.


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