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Author: Ross

Asgardia Celebrates Unity Day 2018

Asgardia Celebrates Unity Day 2018 By Ross Cheeseright 18 June 2018 In 2017 Head of Nation Dr. Ashurbeyli issued Decree No.3 which outlined Unity Day- An important day where Asgardians cast their votes on the Declaration of unity and the constitution. Fast-forward to 2018 and Unity Day is a special day for Asgardia, this the day when Asgardians all over the world come together to celebrate the acceptance of the two most important pieces of writing our nation has; The Declaration of Unity and the Constitution. The Declaration of unity enshrines the type of people that Asgardians should aspire...

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The Elections: What Went Well

29 APRIL, 2018 ASGARDIA ELECTIONS REVIEW Now that Asgardia’s elections are nearly concluded, we take a look at what went well and where we can improve in the future. This is going to be the first in two-part series to critically analyse the recent elections in Asgardia. We will consider both what went right and which areas we need to improve upon. In these reports we’ll be looking at three main topic areas: Security & Technology Fairness Community & Communications Each of the elements above are required for a satisfactory and legitimate election. This first post will determine what...

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Asgardia: A diamond in the rough

24 APRIL, 2018 Asgardia Progress Gizmodo Gizmodo’s Article by Charles Rollet reports a difficult first attempt at Democracy, sprinkles some doubts on the process along the way and, tops it off with a little bit of conspiracy theory – But, the truth of the matter is a lot brighter than the picture Rollet’s article paints of the Space Nation. It’s no secret that Asgardia has had its fair share of teething troubles during its first election. The systems, technology and social views have been stress-tested to their limits and it’s clear that there is a lot to be learnt...

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143 days left to save Asgardia?

Is Asgardia Running out of time? 07 FEBRURAY, 2018 Asgardia, Finance, Mounting Issues Decree 15 could put Asgardia under serious strain. Update 07/02/2018 17:57: As Rebekah Berg points out, there are some funds being held in trust that are made up of the donations of the loyal and generous Asgardian citizens that will be used to fund the operations of the nations until the end of the year, in addition to this – some plans are underway for the development of an “Asgardia Business Center, new Community Portal, new legislation being set so the first bank of Asgardia can be formed, SOLAR/LUNAR up and running“ But the question remains — are all these plans going to be converted into realities before the nation needs to be self sufficient. How long will it take to implement all this when classically, Asgardia has been “Slow and steady.” in it’s progress. I had been expecting Decree 14 and Decree 15 for some time and I had been expecting them to include information regarding finances and budgets. Afterall, the Nation’s Parliament was being formed and it wouldn’t be too long until we would need to be reading budget proposald and voting on how the money was going to be spent. So when I saw Decree 15 – I was shocked at the contents of the decree. A Screenshot of Decree 15 You can view the...

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Asgardian Development Society Outline

Salutations Fellow Asgardians. I am looking to network with people who wish to work on making Asgardia a better place, developing the concept of Asgardia and helping to improve public perceptions of Asgardians. If you’re interested in working with me, please first read these important points: This is a citizen-lead action, it is not an external or unofficial community it is simply an organised group of citizens working within on common goals. ADS is not an official Asgardian project – It’s just normal citizens that want to get to work. The goal of the project is to start...

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