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Let’s talk about taxes.

How will we pay for Asgardia? 03 SEPTEMBER, 2017 Asgardia Finance Society Tax is used to help provide funding for a range of public services such as education, welfare, health-care, roads, railways, public-transport, housing, public projects and it really is the life-blood of a country and there have been a lot of conversations recently about how Asgardia will pay for all its services. I am a man of the modern world and I am no stranger to the modern way of doing things and so it will come as no surprise to those like me, that I have experience...

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Asgardia’s 15%

What does Asgardia’s 15% mean for our future? 01 SEPTEMBER, 2017 Asgardia Life Society According to some recent sources, only 15% of the 100,000~ people that have signed Asgardia’s constitution are women. This blog explores that number and what it might mean for the future. The first I heard about this figure was from the Wallstreet Journal, and later from the Times, they maintain that only 15% of the people that voted for the constitution (which at the time had been signed by about 100,000 people.) were females, but what does that really mean to the project? Does it...

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Critics of Asgardia

CRITICS & ASGARD Critics of Asgardia. Ross Cheeseright, Strategist Candidate for Asgardia 31 August 2017 There have been quite a few critics of Asgardia coming out in the press recently. I read an article by the Daily Mail (yes, I know that it’s a trash newspaper) where Phoebe Weston comes out guns blazing and highlighting a long list of issues that we have. Of course I approached the article with a sort of righteous indignation. I mean, how dare anyone besmirch our beloved Asgardia. We just want to do good for humanity. But as I read the article, it...

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Asgardia, Virtual Reality and Coding. What does it all have in common?

My way of reaching the stars. 31 AUGUST, 2017 Asgardia Virtual Reality Code What does it all have in common? Well – the simple answer to that is “Me.” This blog is a place for me to talk about the various efforts that I am taking in my life to pursue various passions of mine which I will outline later in the article, but in a brief executive summary – I am fascinated by the potential applications of virtual reality and the impact that it could have. I am studying to be a software engineer and finally, I’m a...

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