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Congratulations – Decree N9 has just been issued.

Congratulations – Decree N9 has just been issued.

Hello Fellow Asgardians,

It’s official, the head of state Mr. Igor Ashurbeyli has just signed off on Decree number nine. In the decree he states: 

“By this Decree, I hereby:

Announce that the fi­rst Constitution of Asgardia has been accepted, and order it to be immediately published on the website in accordance with Chapter 10, Article 46 of the Constitution.”


This shows that we’re progressing one step at a time along the path that was laid out. I hope that the march of progress will show doubters that Asgardia is serious about its goals and that under Mr. Ashubryli’s leadership, we’ll continue to make progress. As I have said in previous articles and interviews, results are the best way to convince people of our project.

The next vital step for Asgardia is the formation of the government and the election of the local leaders. There is still a lot of work to do and there are still a lot of elements that need to be worked out. How everything will fit together and function in practice will doubtlessly take time and discussion and I, for one, look forward to the challenge. 

Good luck to us all. 


I am running for the position of Strategist, please view my Campaign Page and lend me your support. 

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Currently, Ross Cheeseright is a member of Asgardia's "Administrative" chapter working on internal communications and new acquisitions and is studying for a degree in Software Engineering. Ross has a passion for nation building and virtual reality and hopes to help solve the problems facing the formation of new 'decentralised micronations' like Asgardia. If you like what Ross is doing and would like to support him, why not consider backing him.


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