So – a couple of days have gone by now and I’ve been working on a few things in the Asgardia-sphere. I was fortunate enough to have a chat with Ivan Rosel from Space Citizen News where I was honoured to be a guest on his upcoming podcast – so you’ll need to head on over there to check that out when it releases.

I’m pretty excited to start getting things going again. After roughly five months of dormancy, the wheels of progress are turning once more! I’ve set up a meeting for the 22nd of May where I’ll be laying out the plans for the future of the Nation Builders organisation. This is going to take place on the Nation Builders Discord. A lot of lessons were learnt from the past year and Asgardia is definitely in a place where it needs a little bit of attention.

Political Intrigue

My Mayoral Dreams are still under construction, too. I have started to put a website together to try and build up support from both local constituents and friends from all over the world who might want to back me and my ideals and help me make positive changes in Asgardia. The website will help me to share my vision and make it easier for people to get involved with my campaign.

Virtual Reality Progress

My VR development activities are starting to move along, too. In my previous blog I spoke about how I had a vast blank canvas. It was a little intimidating for sure. However, now I have started to import some assets into the landscape (which still looks like an unending digital desert.)

These assets will allow me to start learning the basics of Unity’s VR toolkits. Of course, it’s all pretty basic right now, but it’s all new to me. My background is in software engineering so I’ve got a bit of a leg up compared to a brand-new starter, but I’ve got a long way to go before I’d consider myself proficient.

This small dwelling in the middle of the expanse is an asset from a course that I’m using to learn Unity Game Engine and how to use things like the XR toolkit, capture input from the head mounted display and the controllers. There are a lot of fundamentals to VR that are required to make it an enjoyable experience.

The speed at which the metaverse and the available tools are progressing is very intimidating and sometimes, it’s easy to wonder if you’ll ever catch up to the curve. But the fact is: You need to start somewhere.

I’ll continue to share updates on my progress as we work towards developing the first piece of Asgardia’s metaverse.

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