There is always something both daunting and thrilling about starting a new project. As I start to put together my first VR environment, I am greeted with a vast un-ending space. A space of potential. Of possibility. I wonder if this is how a painter feels when they look at a canvas, or a sculptor when they look at a block of clay.

This vast open space seems like a luxury in the modern world where everything is already explored and claimed by humanity. As I sit here in my chair, I can’t help but draw some parallels with how the first space explorers might feel. And I wonder how the future users of this small piece of the metaverse might feel as they set foot into the virtual reality for the first time.

I have high hopes and a lot of ambitions for VR and I desperately want to be a part of it. I compared myself to an artist earlier, but it’s more accurate to compare myself to a child who has taken up a pencil and is looking to express their inner-creativity on their parents newly painted white walls.

I have something within me that I want to express in Virtual Reality – but I do not have the skills to conjure that vision into life. So that first steps of my VR journey will be learning how to use the tools that are available to me. To learn the basics of scribbling, shapes and shading. Everything that I need to know before I could even remotely consider myself ‘an artist’.

But still, at I look out upon that vast white space, I do appreciate more the wonderment of a child who is getting ready to deface their parents walls!

I am looking forward to getting into VR development and I will continue to share details of my progress as I get ever closer to deploying this little slice of what will no-doubt become a vast and limitless metaverse.

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